About us

With EVE + OLIVE, we have founded a brand for sustainable and environmentally friendly baby clothes. With it, we want to promote sustainable consumption and offer you environmentally friendly alternatives.

What we stand for

EVE + OLIVE was born from the idea of creating sustainable and timeless baby fashion. That's why we focus on particularly environmentally friendly materials that are not yet common on the regular market. This allows us to offer products that have many positive properties for people and nature and are manufactured in a particularly environmentally friendly way.

The founding history

What we do

We want to offer you an all-round sustainable concept. That's why our materials are certified vegan, biodegradable and recyclable. We pay attention to high quality, durability and timeless design for every single product. We have our clothes produced fairly in Portugal, pack them plastic-free and ship them climate-neutral with DHL gogreen.

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What we believe in

Unfortunately, consumption is often not sustainable and doing without is often not possible. That's why we want to offer an alternative with our company and focus on newer, environmentally friendly materials. This approach has accompanied us since the founding of our company and will continue to do so in the future. We believe that small changes can have an impact and become something big. How nice that you are joining us on this journey.