Washing guide

Here you will find information about our washing symbols and how to wash your clothes.

What our symbols mean:


This symbol means that you can machine wash the garment. Once a degree is indicated, please wash the garment only at that degree or less.


The iron shows you whether you can iron your garment and at what level. If the iron is crossed out, do not iron. One dot indicates the lowest level, two dots the middle level and three dots the highest level.


The triangle indicates that a garment can be bleached. If the triangle is crossed out, the garment cannot be bleached.


This symbol stands for machine drying and means that you can dry your garment in the dryer. If it is crossed out, just let it air dry.

Dry cleaning

The circle indicates that you can dry clean your garment. If the symbol is crossed out, you cannot dry clean your garment.

Hand wash

This symbol indicates that you can only wash your product by hand. Please do not machine wash, use cold water and do not wring out the material.

More tips for sustainable washing

To make your clothes last as long as possible, there are a few tips you can follow when washing them to prolong their life:

  • At 30 degrees, textiles become just as clean as at higher temperatures. You also save energy by using low temperatures.
  • Dry the products in the fresh air and save energy when drying. Good to know: Lyocell fibre dries quickly and absorbs moisture easily. Air drying preserves the fibre quality particularly well and for a long time.
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Use natural and sustainable detergents instead.
  • Air out your products regularly. This way you can wear them longer and wash them less often.
  • Repair holes in your garment. For children, there are many beautiful patches that make your garments fully functional again and also individual.